TAGAYTAY TWIN LAKES: Celebrate the Season of Sharing with Gourmet Gifts and Delicacies at Tagaytay Twin Lakes

The Holiday rush is now in full swing and it could only mean one thing – tis’ the season for gift giving. And one way you can melt your loved ones’ heart is by warming their tummies. These gift ideas from Tagaytay Twin Lakes will surely guide you in sharing a merrier and more delectable Christmas to the people you love.

Located along the main highway of Tagaytay-Nasugbo Road, Tagaytay Twin Lakes has become a popular destination among foodies and diners who love to pamper themselves with great food and a stunning view of the world-famous Taal Lake.

But more than being an ideal family getaway and dining destination for the Holidays, Tagaytay Twin Lakes also has the goods that can feed your need this gift giving season.

GREG’S FRUITCAKERY | Twin Lakes Tagaytay | All rights reserved

First stop is Greg’s Fruitcakery where the fruit is always fresh and the cake is always sweet. It offers different mouth-watering goodies that would be best given to your family to enjoy this Christmas. From custom-made cakes and bread to their most unique cakes and pies, Greg’s Fruitcakery is a heavenly place for your Holiday sweet cravings. Topping of the list of recommended gifts at Greg’s Fruitcakery are its famed Cinnamon Buns and Chocolate Mango Caramel Praline Brittle. But if you’re feeling a little extra generous, get one of its Christmas baskets or vintage gift packs, which is filled with delightful surprises and is sure to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces.

GREG’S FRUITCAKERY | Twin Lakes Tagaytay | All rights reserved

Next stop is La Creperie’s, a French-inspired modern café. Give your friends and loved ones a slice of France by getting its excellently-crafted, chewy and tasty crepes including its deliciously sweet Nutella dripping crepe filled with fresh mango. Another must-buy is the La Christine made with balsamic glazed strawberry and filled with strawberry jam and topped with generous amount of whipped cream.

SANTI’S DELICATEESEN | Twin Lakes Tagaytay | All rights reserved
SANTI’S DELICATEESEN | Twin Lakes Tagaytay | All rights reserved

Also in Tagaytay Twin Lakes is Santi’s Delicatessen, a high-end shop that offers excellent quality gourmet products from all over the world, a perfect destination for extra special Christmas gifts. Santi’s houses a large selection of wines from different parts of the globe. From different kinds of Merlot to the classy Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay from Europe and places as far as Australia, wines are perfect Christmas gifts that never go out of style.

AMIRA’S BUCO TART HOUSE | Twin Lakes Tagaytay | All rights reserved
AMIRA’S BUCO TART HOUSE | Twin Lakes Tagaytay | All rights reserved

Last stop is one of Tagaytay’s most famous destinations for sweets and pasalubong buys, Amira’s Buco Tart Haus. Homemade tarts made with love and no preservatives are definitely a winner for the tart lovers and those who with a sweet tooth. The All-Year favorite Buco Tart is a great piece to add to one’s Noche Buena table and for afternoon tea and coffee breaks, thus it makes for a perfect present for your boss or your colleague.

Head on over and shop for delicious gourmet gifts at Tagaytay Twin Lakes this Holiday season.


Papa Didi’s Ice Cream: Locally sourced, handcrafted ice cream in unique flavors

Some of Papa Didi’s unique flavors: Tarragon, Roasted Forbidden Rice, Mango Ginger, etc. on display at Eastwood City’s Weekend Spice Souk All rights reserved http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com

If you are craving for ice cream and tired of the usual flavors, do drop by (as in highly recommended) PAPA DIDDI’s along Maginhawa street in Quezon City.

Missed the chance to have another taste at their shop when featured on Sarap Diva with Asia’s Got Talent finalists, Junior New System and Inday of said show a few months ago because I was assigned to the studio shoot.

Fast forward, was invited to experience Eastwood Mall’s Weekend Spice Souk with fellow foodies and was really happy to see Papa Diddi’s among the chosen exhibitors.

Giddily tried their ‘Forbidden Rice’ and ‘Farm Cheese’ and then went around the exhibit again with a mental note to go back and try their ‘Tarragon’ and ‘Mango Ginger’ – was pressed for time but almost ran to their spot for a taste before leaving.

It may be Divine Providence or they just saw how ‘enthusiastic’ I was with their products that they gave a pint of ‘Farm Cheese’ (Kesong Puti) and a pint of ‘Cheese Closed’ to-go (insert tears of joy here).

My Instagram post: ATM: Enjoying Saturday night with Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream Company ‘Cheese Closed’ and ‘Farm Cheese’..made from locally sourced ingredients, made in small batches that are hand-mixed and hygienically packed All rights reserved http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com!

Now why am I so ‘addicted’ to their ice cream you may ask? Well aside from their ‘I did not know you can make ice cream out of that’ flavors (champorado, roasted forbidden rice, tarragon, etc.), its because their products are made from locally sourced ingredients, made in small batches that are hand-mixed and hygienically packed!

So there you go, don’t just take my word for it, try it! Now let me enjoy my ice cream!



168 Maginhawa
Quezon City, Philippines