UrMajestySiresFoodExperiments: Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd Salad

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I’m sharing this salad recipe, another ‘experiment’ that can be served as a side dish with fried or grilled fish or meat. There’s also a variation if you wish to have it a bit savory or spicy.

This recipe is not really new but with the coming holiday season, its a healthier alternative to side dishes with rich sauces and dips.

Hope you like it and thanks for the click!

Ampalaya Salad
ampalaya or bitter gourd
salt, for rubbing the ampalaya
canned fruit cocktail, drained Continue reading “UrMajestySiresFoodExperiments: Ampalaya or Bitter Gourd Salad”


ZUMBA: Ayala Fairview Terraces Free Zumba!

Clockwise: The zumba regulars; my sister; me; my cousin and niece!

Its such a delight when malls give out to their community. Like Ayala Malls, specifically Fairview Terraces, they organized zumba classes every weekday morning (good thing we have flexible schedules) this month.

After a weekend of family food galore and vegging-out in front of the telly, its just right to make an effort to exercise. And exercise or any healthy activity is more fun with the family so we made it a regular date!

In my opinion, Zumba is a whole body cardio work out ‘masked’ in a fun way thru music and of course the enthusiastic mood of the participants. I mean really, you’ll just realize you’re sweating from head to foot at the end of each level but with a smile on your face.

So for an effective, fun and memorable work out, do it with your family!