CRAFTS and HOBBY TRENDS: ‘Enchanted Forest’ Adult Coloring Book

‘ENCHANTED FOREST’ ADULT COLORING BOOK | http://www.urmajestysre.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

We’re done with small ‘Secret Garden’ Adult Coloring Book and luckily purchased bigger ‘Enchanted Forest’ today with more than 100 pages. No more boring rainy days but I reckon more late nights because this is addictive!


CRAFT & HOBBY TRENDS: Adult Coloring Books of famous paintings, zen sketches and dapper animals

ADULT COLORING BOOKS | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Thinking of leveling up adult coloring book hobby with these. Saw these famous paintings, zen sketches and dapper animals collection at a local bookstore.

On closer look I said to myself, these looks intimidating and tedious! Had second thoughts because coloring these might defeat the purpose of such hobby – to relax.