Visit at Loyola: Lola Beda’s 28th Anniversary

At Loyola Memorial Park visiting Lola Beda.

Went to Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina with Tita Sally, Mama Lily and cousin Ate Jing. Its Lola Beda’s 28th death anniversary.

We offered flowers, lit candles and prayers. Tita Sally talked with the caretaker for awhile also.

After visiting Lola at Loyola, I suggested to have early lunch at Pedro n’ Coi.

It was just past 9:00AM and they wanted to have either a snack or early lunch so I suggested we try Pedro ‘n Coi.

Tita Sally and Mama Lily are basically Australians already so Pedro ‘n Coi’s Filipino cuisine was a welcome delight.

We enjoyed the good food, the Jeepney-themed booth and the service at Pedro ‘n Coi.