Megaworld Life Style Malls: #LIFEHACKS for the Working Mom at Eastwood Mall this August

#LIFEHACKS for working moms at Eastwood City Mall
#LIFEHACKS for working moms at Eastwood City Mall

From juggling their careers to managing their home and kids, today’s moms have it tough!

The #Lifehacks Fair at Eastwood Mall is here to help you become the best mom that you can be.

From fun activities for your kids to innovative products, discover new ways to take care of your home, family and yourself.

Check out the 3rd Floor of Eastwood Mall on August 20 – 23.


MOTHER’S DAY 2015: An Advance Celebration for my ‘Second Moms’

Advance ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ celebration with my ‘Second Mothers’ and cousin Brie! Treated them at ‘Bida’ (hero/heroine) Filipino Kitchen because they’re ‘bidas’ in my life!

Impromptu and advance ‘Mother’s Day’ celebration with my ‘Second Mothers’ (Tita Sally, Ate Fely and Ate Mabelle) and cousin Brie!

I rarely have free time, so after a prior engagement went to fetch them with Ate Fely for an advance treat! We had dinner at ‘Bida’ (hero/heroine) Filipino Kitchen because they’re ‘bidas’ in my life!

Advance ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ celebration at Mama Mia’s Casa! Big Sis cooked Baked Pork Chops w/ Herbs & baked Banana-Almond Crunch and I brought Custard Cake.

Ate Mabelle coincidentally cooked Baked Herbed Pork Chops & baked Banana-Almond Crunch for dinner which was delicious as always! We were full from the restaurant treat so the rest of the home cooked meal went to the fridge which if offered, would’ve happily agreed to take some home hehe! Will post recipes soon!

The advance ‘Mother’s Day’ celebration continued with coffee and custard cake at Tita Sally’s white house after dinner.

It was a good spur-of-the-moment decision and a fulfilling day! Nothing beats spending quality time albeit just a few hours with the people who love and support you unconditionally!