Buddha-Bar Manila: Treat Mom to a delectable feast on Mother’s Day

BBM Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day at Buddha-Bar Manila and give mom a wonderful gift. As a special treat on May 8, mothers will get a 50% discount on their buffet when they dine in Buddha-Bar Manila accompanied by a minimum of two adult guests.

The Mother’s Buffet menu of features Buddha-Bar Manila’s signature Pacific Rim flavors mixed with classic European dishes. Start off with a choice of Chunky Potato Soup or Asian Mushroom Soup with Crispy Wanton Skin. Continue reading “Buddha-Bar Manila: Treat Mom to a delectable feast on Mother’s Day”


Century Park Hotel: Surge of Indulgence and Mother’s Day Treat

Mother's day cake
Blueberry Bavarian Cream Cake | Century Park Hotel Manila | All rights reserved

Cakes, pastries, chocolates and more! Tickle mom’s sophisticated taste buds with a sweet surprise from the Deli Snack. Don’t miss the day without giving her a beautiful Mother’s Day cake, like this Blueberry Bavarian Cream Cake – a delightful two-layered Bavarian cream cake with blueberry fillings in a crushed graham crust with sweet coffee-flavored miroir and chocolate ornaments on top – a sure treat for all mothers!

Deluxe room
Deluxe Room | Century Park Hotel Manila | All rights reserved

Experience a warm delightful stay and more with family and friends. Continue reading “Century Park Hotel: Surge of Indulgence and Mother’s Day Treat”


Mother’s Day (2016): Funny Movie about the Most Important Job in the World


Director Garry Marshall the octogenarian genius behind memorable films such as Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve takes a fresh and funny look at this time-honored tradition in his movie Mother’s Day, starring Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Robert Sudeikis. This can also be considered as a Pretty Woman reunion of sorts between Marshall and Roberts along with Hector Elizondo, who played the benevolent hotel manager in that iconic jewelry box scene. Elizondo plays Robert’s manager and friend in the Mother’s Day film.

The must-see movie, which gives hilarious vignettes with touching lessons about that often overlooked role, is showing in Philippine theaters starting May 4. Mother’s Day is distributed locally by Octoarts Films International.

More about the Film:
Aniston is Sandy, a divorcee who is now forced to come to terms with her ex-husband’s much-younger new partner. Continue reading “Mother’s Day (2016): Funny Movie about the Most Important Job in the World”


MOTHER’S DAY 2015: An Advance Celebration for my ‘Second Moms’

Advance ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ celebration with my ‘Second Mothers’ and cousin Brie! Treated them at ‘Bida’ (hero/heroine) Filipino Kitchen because they’re ‘bidas’ in my life!

Impromptu and advance ‘Mother’s Day’ celebration with my ‘Second Mothers’ (Tita Sally, Ate Fely and Ate Mabelle) and cousin Brie!

I rarely have free time, so after a prior engagement went to fetch them with Ate Fely for an advance treat! We had dinner at ‘Bida’ (hero/heroine) Filipino Kitchen because they’re ‘bidas’ in my life!

Advance ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ celebration at Mama Mia’s Casa! Big Sis cooked Baked Pork Chops w/ Herbs & baked Banana-Almond Crunch and I brought Custard Cake.

Ate Mabelle coincidentally cooked Baked Herbed Pork Chops & baked Banana-Almond Crunch for dinner which was delicious as always! We were full from the restaurant treat so the rest of the home cooked meal went to the fridge which if offered, would’ve happily agreed to take some home hehe! Will post recipes soon!

The advance ‘Mother’s Day’ celebration continued with coffee and custard cake at Tita Sally’s white house after dinner.

It was a good spur-of-the-moment decision and a fulfilling day! Nothing beats spending quality time albeit just a few hours with the people who love and support you unconditionally!


Spend Mother’s Day at Solaire

Mothers know best. But this time, Solaire has thought of the best for the special women in our lives. From the special discounted rates in the ultimate family staycation to the exquisite set menus in our fine dining establishments, we’ve made sure that this will be one unforgettable Mother’s Day. Continue reading “Spend Mother’s Day at Solaire”