Creme De Cacao: Chimara Feel Good Kitchen’s chocolate cake is a must-try!

chimara feel good kitchen_creme de cacao 3_edited

The food adventure at Chimara Feel Good Kitchen was tasty and filling so the ‘leave room for dessert’ part became a to-go. They have Cranberry Oat Cookies then but opted for Creme de Cacao for reasons of comparison with other chocolate fares in the metro (nah, because its chocolate hehe!)

Asking about the cacao they use, they said its organic but of course not sugar-free because it would alter the taste. Coffee or tea would be nice to go with any dessert so I also suggested it and they said its in the works. That being said, went home with a big smile and a full (of healthy food) tummy.

chimara feel good kitchen_creme de cacao 2_edited
Creme de Cacao | Chimara feel Good Kitchen | UP Town Center

Come coffee/tea time the next day (3pm, I know very Titas of Manila hehe!), had water boiling and brought out the Creme de Cacao. First bite and hands down its so delicious! I stand corrected, it can stand on its own sans coffee or tea.

You can taste its rich goodness without any cacao after taste or grainy texture. The ‘frosting’ I swear they should also make chocolate bars of it and the cake part is moist, fluffy and you can also taste the cacao goodness. I highly recommend it not just for chocolate lovers, chocoholics, and sweet tooth’s but for those who are looking for a healthier alternative. Continue reading “Creme De Cacao: Chimara Feel Good Kitchen’s chocolate cake is a must-try!”


Chimara Feel Good Kitchen: Delicious food that cares for your well-being

Chimara (Kye – Ma – Ra) from the word ‘chimera’ which means ‘an impossible dream’ because their mission is to defy the odds to provide delicious food that cares for your well-being.

chimara feel good kitchen_pepper maple chicken salad_edited
Pepper Maple Chicken Salad | Chimara Feel Good Kitchen | UP Town Center

Liked this salad because of the balance of sweet and savory flavors! ‘Pepper Maple Chicken’ Php220 Wrap/Php210 Salad (maple-marinated grilled chicken, slices of apple, cucumber, carrots, raisins and sunflower seeds on a bed of lettuce served with pepper maple vinaigrette)

chimara feel good kitchen_faux beef salpicao_edited
Faux Beef Salpicao | Chimara Feel Good Kitchen | UP Town Center

Tasted and liked this ‘Faux Beef Salpicao‘ Php170 Panini/Php180 Rice/Php180 Pasta (specially-marinated faux beef sautéed in garlic aioli sauce topped with garlic; you can have it in a panini, with rice or pasta).

I asked if they use the latest form of soy protein which is better in texture and taste before I took a bite. Indeed they use it and the taste, texture and flavor is so much better. Its so flavorful and ‘meat-like’ to the bite that you’d forget its ‘faux beef.’ I highly recommend it if you are trying to eat healthier, for starting your kids have a healthier palette, after workout for gym buffs and for students who need protein, this is packed with it minus the heavy tummy feel.

chimara feel good kitchen_soy ginger chicken pasta_edited
Soy Ginger Chicken | Chimara Feel Good Kitchen | UP Town Center

An Asian favorite made healthier! ‘Soy Ginger Chicken‘ Php180 Panini/Php190 Rice/Php190 Pasta (soy ginger marinated chicken breast topped with snow peas, peanuts and carrots; you can have it with panini, rice or pasta) Continue reading “Chimara Feel Good Kitchen: Delicious food that cares for your well-being”