Daniel Radcliffe: Tackles Unsettling, Timely Theme in ‘Imperium’

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After Harry Potter came along, Daniel Radcliffe tackled a variety of roles in movies with grittier themes. The endearing smile is sometimes replaced with a scowl, but fans cannot deny that there is magic in his method of acting.
For his latest movie, “the boy with the scar” has grown up and is now tackling a different kind of scar – the one that affects and infects society in modern times. It would take something stronger than magic to banish the real-life premise of Imperium, his latest movie.


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Meryl Streep: In true-to-life biopic of Florence Foster Jenkins


The true-to-life biopic is an engaging one, where Meryl Streep shines as Florence Foster Jenkins, the heiress with an innate love for music. It has always been her dream to be a famous opera singer, and that dream was made possible by her chutzpah and the loving support bestowed by her husband St. Clair Bayfield (played by Hugh Grant) and her pianist Cosme McMoon (Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg).


The movie is already being hailed by critics, garnering a high rating of 98% from movie site Rotten Tomatoes, and the lead actors are said to be at their cinematic best. The movie is inspiring and uplifting, as it ends with a lesson on working hard to make your dreams come true –with a little help from your friends.

Florence Foster Jenkins shows in Philippine cinemas on August 24, produced by Pathè, BBC Films, Qwerty Films Production and is exclusively distributed by Octoarts Films International.

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OctoArts Films: The Trust

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Academy-Award winner Nicholas Cage returns to the big screen with The Trust movie. He is joined by no less than Screen Actors Guild awardee Elijah Wood, and together, they form an explosive combination in this action-packed flick that tells the story of two disillusioned cops looking to make a heist of a lifetime.

Sgt. David Waters (Wood) and his boss Lt. Jim Stone (Cage) are both finding it hard to make ends meet. They discover hideout where a crime syndicate stashes their drug money, so they hatch a plan to steal the illegally-acquired cash. This results in humorous exchanges, car chases, and tense moments as they drill their way into infamy and fortune. They initially think of it as an easy hit, but complications set in along the way. Aside from a rather-half-baked plan, one of them suffers from a change of heart and this adds even more struggles into the mix of conflicts that the duo has to endure. Cameos come courtesy of veteran comedian Jerry Lewis and in a pivotal role, model and singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira.

Official Trailer:


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OctoartsFilms: Tom Hanks is back in ‘A Hologram For The King’

A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING | OctoartsFilms International | All rights reserved

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Ratchet & Clank Movie: Mischief and Mayhem That’s Out of this World


Ratchet the Lombax and Clank the robot get ready to kick some asteroid in the animated movie adaptation of their popular Playstation game. The plot stays true to the premise of the action-packed game series, in which players are tasked to thwart Supreme Executive Chairman Drek (Paul Giammati), who plans to destroy the galaxy.

Ratchet (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) had always wanted to be a Galaxy Ranger, idolizing Captain Qwark (Jim Ward). The squad feels that he does not fit in, though, and is quickly taken off the force. This has not dampened his willingness to help others. This was what led him to rescue Clank (David Kaye), a robot on a mission to deliver an important message about the secret weapon that Drek is using to blow up planets.

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OctoArts Films International: Exciting Half-Billion Heist with Bruce Willis in “Precious Cargo”


The stakes are huge and there’s only one band of merry misfits crazy enough to do the job. Bruce Willis is a big-time mob boss named Eddie who holds a thief named Karen (Claire Forlani) hostage after she botches a rob job. To win back his trust, Karen plays victim and recruits her former lover and premier thief Jack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) to steal a safe that contains half a billion dollars’ worth of loot.

Watch Precious Cargo Trailer

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Mother’s Day (2016): Funny Movie about the Most Important Job in the World


Director Garry Marshall the octogenarian genius behind memorable films such as Valentine’s Day and New Years Eve takes a fresh and funny look at this time-honored tradition in his movie Mother’s Day, starring Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Robert Sudeikis. This can also be considered as a Pretty Woman reunion of sorts between Marshall and Roberts along with Hector Elizondo, who played the benevolent hotel manager in that iconic jewelry box scene. Elizondo plays Robert’s manager and friend in the Mother’s Day film.

The must-see movie, which gives hilarious vignettes with touching lessons about that often overlooked role, is showing in Philippine theaters starting May 4. Mother’s Day is distributed locally by Octoarts Films International.

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