Lola Consuelo’s: Heirloom recipes from a great grandmother shared by her family

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Lola Consuelo’s Heirloom Recipes, a collection of a family’s great grandmother’s beloved recipes.

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SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR opens a store in Banawe Quezon City

Finished tasks earlier than usual so decided to scout around for new foodie haunts in Banawe Quezon City. Walking around we crossed the street to what looks like a building with renovations, you know with the bamboo scaffolding still in place and all. Turns out its a new store – SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR.

Persimmon, Korean apples, flat & honey peaches and more are available at SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR

SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR started as a wholesaler and retailer of fresh fruits and organic vegetables. They deliver both imported and local products to supermarkets, groceries, etc. nationwide.

Grapefruit, avocados, China pears, etc.

Testing the waters through bazaars last year which yielded success, they decided to put up a ‘physical’ store to showcase their products to a neighborhood setting.

SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR also has organic products like coco sugar, malunggay powder, turmeric, chia seeds, etc.

Aside from fruits, they also have a wide variety of fresh organic vegetables at affordable prices like cherry tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, zucchini, etc. Powdered organic supplements like malunggay to spruce up your healthy drinks, healthy alternatives like coco sugar and chia seeds to top off your juices and shakes.

SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR also has cassava chips, camote chips or mixed chips in a resealable container

If you are a ‘snacker’ and you’re looking for healthy alternatives, Sunshine Fruit Bar has cassava chips, camote chips or a mix of both.

They also have sugar-free cookies, granola, pistachios, etc. in snack packs

If cookies are your snack thing then try their oatmeal cookies that are sugar free. Or grab some granola to mix with dried fruits and pistachios for a healthy trail mix or flavor addition to your breakfast cereal.

Whisk Salad Dressing is also available here

While getting some arugula or romaine, grab a bottle of Whisk Salad Dressing. Try out a new dressing like soy ginger, tamarind, raspberry vinaigrette, lemon tarragon vinaigrette and a special dressing for those on Paleo diet.

Healthy cakes and pastries plus detox drinks are also available

And get this, they have a cozy nook where you can snack on healthy cakes and pastries or quench down your thirst with some detox juice!

Stash for this trip is a bag of kale, organic tea bags and some carabao’s milk – this will be on a separate post!

0922 882 3313
Sct. Alcaraz cor. Banawe St.
Quezon City, Philippines