Cannelloni: A step by step guide

My sister and I have always wanted to cook ‘cannelloni’ but with some ingredients made from scratch, like the tomato sauce and the ‘besciamella’ sauce. Its easier to just use store-bought tomato and bechamel sauce but we wanted to ‘control’ the flavor so to speak. Also, my sister has a technique for achieving such a smooth and creamy white sauce that she has not taught me (yet).

For the meat part, I do not season it right from the start plus I use my combination of salt, pepper, turmeric & three more spices to bring out a distinct flavor. But for purposes simple cooking, season with salt & pepper plus nutmeg (optional) and in lieu of spinach and ricotta cheese we used basil and cheddar cheese.

I have broken down the recipe by ingredients & procedures for meat, tomato sauce, white sauce, how to assemble, how to bake and how to serve. Hope  you enjoy what we’ve shared.

Cannelloni | basic ingredients | All right reserved

Ingredients for the preparing the meat:
1 kg ground pork or lean meat
garlic, minced
onions, minced
olive oil or regular cooking oil

400 grams cannelloni tubes

Cannelloni | boiled tomatoes for the sauce | All right reserved

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PUREFOODS SEXY CHIX PASTA & MAGNOLIA QUICKMELT CHEESY TOASTED PANDESAL| http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

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