LOVE DESSERTS: Worth every sweet calorie!

A part of LOVE DESSERTS’ buffet spread at their Banawe, Q. C. branch!
Cakes, brownies, macaroons and other pastries at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C. branch!


2469069 ext:178
Banawe › 915 Banawe Corner Roxas Street, Manresa, Quezon City

Aside from their wide array of desserts, their TACOS is consistently delicious! I usually have this before the actual desserts.
Macaroons, pavlova, different rolls and brownies at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C. branch!
The HALO_HALO station at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C. branch!
The CREPE station at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C. branch!
Sylvannas and the ICE CREAM station at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C.!

SUGAR CRAVINGS: Satisfy your sugar cravings!

SUGAR CRAVINGS  interiors is so dainty!
SUGAR CRAVINGS interiors is so dainty!

I received an open invite from the owner of SUGAR CRAVINGS in February but had the time to visit with my cousin after almost a month because of the daily show.

The location is not ‘commuter-friendly’ unless you are familiar with DAMAR Village along araneta Avenue, SUGAR CRAVINGS is right beside its main entrance. Or if familiar with commuting along Araneta Avenue, you can take the Jeepney which goes from Araneta VAnue to La Loma.

We stayed at their VIP area wherein you may hold your special occasions, a private tea party or just want a bit of peace and quiet while dining.

Upon entering you’ll be greeted by a huge ‘Ferris Wheel’ cupcake vessel, which I would definitely like to have for family gatherings. At the main cafe, the dainty interiors, pink & white with floral walls and pink mini-chandeliers transports you to a tea party mood.

A selfie at SUGAR CRAVINGS’ huge ‘Ferris Wheel’ cupcake vessel which I’d like to take home!

If you want a meal before going on a sugar rush like me, they have an ala carte menu and coffee to boot.

I Super liked this personalized Mango Crepe at SUGAR CRAVINGS!
SUGAR CRAVINGS is a kikay selfie-addict’s wonderland!

Their dessert buffet fare consists of cookies, cakes, mini creme puffs, ice cream with cereal or sprinkles, shot-glass creamy desserts, chocolate crinkles, different brownies, yema balls, etc.

I also liked that they have ‘dynamite’, green mango and ‘singkamas’ (turnip) slices with ‘bagoong’ (shrimp paste) to sort of break the sugar taste if need be.

The place is perfect for private functions and celebrations (Glaiza De Castro and her fans had a mini-gathering here a few weeks ago) or for a quiet date with loved ones.

09229723503 / 09225422
#686 Banawe St.
Quezon City, Philippines