Project Headshot Clinic: ‘TRANSFORM’ 8th World AIDS Day series

Filipino World Class Designer, Francis Libiran for Project Headshot Clinic’s ‘Transform’ | http://www.headshotclinic.com | All rights reserved

The HIV epidemic in the Philippines has been described as “explosive” because of the rapid increase in the number of new HIV cases in the country. As early as 2008, when the HIV epidemic started to rapidly expand, Project Headshot Clinic had used social media and photography to call attention to the growing challenge of HIV.

Project Headshot Clinic is a digital media platform that merges stylized profile photos and advocacies. Created in 2007 by award winning photographer Niccolo Cosme it has supported advocacy campaigns on HIV awareness, Climate Change, LGBT rights,Youth empowerment and anti tobacco companies.

“Transform” is Project Headshot Clinic’s 8th World AIDS Day series in partnership with UNAIDS and SHIP Foundation. The exhibit will be launched on December 3, 7 PM at the Pineapple Lab, and will run through December 19. This year’s exhibit will provide a new multimedia experience that merges photography,video and performance that will require a free mobile augmented reality app called “Ismartphoto”. The photos that will be showcased will transform into a video with the use of this free mobile app.

The show aims to highlight the importance of collaboration, and that transformation of a society can be achieved through partnership and commitment. While government action and support are important, the actions of individuals and their communities are essential for behavior change that can make a dent in the HIV epidemic. And social media can bring together individuals, communities, and government leaders in a transformative discussion on addressing the challenge of HIV. Some of the collaborators include actors Irma Adlawan, Anthony Falcon, Alex Medina, model and host Joey Mead, Marina Benipayo, award winning film director Pepe Diokno, paper sculptor Royd Santiago to name a few. Continue reading “Project Headshot Clinic: ‘TRANSFORM’ 8th World AIDS Day series”