11th International Silent Film Festival Manila: Scoring the Silents again

The much-awaited yearly International Silent Film Festival Manila (ISFFM) is back! Established in 2007 as the very first event of its kind in Asia, the ISFFM promises to bring once more to Manila film buffs and music aficionados an extraordinary experience.  From the 1890’s to the 1920’s, audiences around the world were enchanted by the magic of watching soundless images on a screen accompanied by live music played by different performing artists. This year, the Philippine-Italian Association, the Japan Foundation Manila, Goethe-Institut Philippinen, the Film Development Council of the Philippines, Instituto Cervantes, the British Council, and the Embassies of the United States of America, France and Austria, are extremely proud to present the 11th edition of the International Silent Film Festival in Manila. Scheduled from August 31st to September 3rd at the Shang Cineplex, Shangri-La Plaza, Mandaluyong City, the 2017 ISFFM brings together the very best of silent cinema from its nine member-countries, to be accompanied by the best Filipino musicians on the scene and a French-Vietnamese guest artist.

The 11th International Silent Film Festival is made possible in partnership with Shangri-La Plaza, Para sa Sining,  the National Film Center of The Museum of Modern Art of Tokyo, the Embassies of Italy, Japan, and Spain, Filmoteca de España, Institut Français, JEC Philippines and Marks & Spencer London . All screenings will be open to the public on a first come, first served basis. Watch and listen as we score the silents again!

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Philippine Italian Association: Celebrates 55 years of cultural exchanges between the Philippines and Italy

The Philippine Italian Association is delighted to announce the celebration of a most significant and important milestone, the 55 years of cultural exchanges between the Philippines and Italy.

Conceptualized and founded in Manila in 1962 by Philippine Ambassador to the Vatican, Proceso E. Sebastian and Italian Ambassador to Manila, Eugenio Rubino, the Philippine Italian Association has passionately worked to foster mutual understanding and friendship between the Philippines and Italy, in the fields of culture, art, music and language. One of the outstanding PIA presidents from a long line of distinguished past president, from 1978 to 1986 is no other than our incumbent President Nedy Tantoco’s father, Ambassador Bienvenido Tantoco, former Philippine Ambassador to Rome

PIA’s story began with Italian language courses for children of Italians residing in Manila. It has since evolved into one of the most important and recognized institutions that represent the partnership between the two countries. Cultural projects touching all aspects of music, art, language and culture have punctuated PIA activities over the last five and a half decades. PIA has also engaged in bringing Filipino language, culture and heritage to Italy, benefitting not only the Italians but also Filipinos who have made Italy their home.

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