Universal Records: Releases Worldwide viral phenomenon PIKOTARO’s smash PPAP (PEN-PINEAPPLE-APPLE-PEN)!

“PPAP” all started when PIKOTARO posted the song on YouTube by himself. I wrote about it a few weeks ago when it started trending (link here PPAP: The next ‘Gangnam Style?’The word spread from teenage girls and internationally, creating a buzz. TIME, BBC, CNN and other global media in Europe, US, and Asia took notice of the sensation and “PPAP” resulted in being covered by numerous media around the world.

Kinky perm, sunglass and clad in animal print. With the infectious bizarre phrase “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” (PPAP), PIKOTARO age 53, singer/songwriter from Chiba, Japan releases 4 songs including “PPAP” in 134 countries, only through digital distribution on Oct 7th. PIKOTARO finally made a world debut. These songs can be downloaded thru Spinnr.ph in the Philippines!

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PPAP or Pen Pineapple Pen: The next ‘gangnam style’?

Is PPAP or Pen Pineapple Pen the next ‘gangnam style’ to hit the web? Well, its been trending since its upload on August 25, with 2.4 million views.

But I must admit, its simple, catchy and the moves are easy to follow. No wonder a few celebrities and YouTube sensations are uploading their own versions – even our very own Maine Mendoza.