Chimara Feel Good Kitchen: Delicious food that cares for your well-being

Chimara (Kye – Ma – Ra) from the word ‘chimera’ which means ‘an impossible dream’ because their mission is to defy the odds to provide delicious food that cares for your well-being.

chimara feel good kitchen_pepper maple chicken salad_edited
Pepper Maple Chicken Salad | Chimara Feel Good Kitchen | UP Town Center

Liked this salad because of the balance of sweet and savory flavors! ‘Pepper Maple Chicken’ Php220 Wrap/Php210 Salad (maple-marinated grilled chicken, slices of apple, cucumber, carrots, raisins and sunflower seeds on a bed of lettuce served with pepper maple vinaigrette)

chimara feel good kitchen_faux beef salpicao_edited
Faux Beef Salpicao | Chimara Feel Good Kitchen | UP Town Center

Tasted and liked this ‘Faux Beef Salpicao‘ Php170 Panini/Php180 Rice/Php180 Pasta (specially-marinated faux beef sautéed in garlic aioli sauce topped with garlic; you can have it in a panini, with rice or pasta).

I asked if they use the latest form of soy protein which is better in texture and taste before I took a bite. Indeed they use it and the taste, texture and flavor is so much better. Its so flavorful and ‘meat-like’ to the bite that you’d forget its ‘faux beef.’ I highly recommend it if you are trying to eat healthier, for starting your kids have a healthier palette, after workout for gym buffs and for students who need protein, this is packed with it minus the heavy tummy feel.

chimara feel good kitchen_soy ginger chicken pasta_edited
Soy Ginger Chicken | Chimara Feel Good Kitchen | UP Town Center

An Asian favorite made healthier! ‘Soy Ginger Chicken‘ Php180 Panini/Php190 Rice/Php190 Pasta (soy ginger marinated chicken breast topped with snow peas, peanuts and carrots; you can have it with panini, rice or pasta) Continue reading “Chimara Feel Good Kitchen: Delicious food that cares for your well-being”


SALADS: Sharing three healthy, simple and delicious recipes

Baby Squid and Mandarin Oranges Salad



Baby Squid cleaned and sauteed in garlic and onions; set aside

Salad greens washed and air dried; set aside

Chili flakes

Mandarin Oranges peeled and sectioned; set aside

Salt & Pepper to taste


  • In a salad bowl, tear and line the leafy greens
  • Add in the baby squid and mandarin oranges
  • Add a dash of salt & pepper to taste
  • You may opt to add chili flakes for some kick
  • Toss before serving



Kale washed and air-dried; set aside

Garlic crushed and minced; set aside

Onion minced; set aside

Tomatoes sliced; set aside

Olive oil

Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Rub the kale leaves with a bit of olive oil and set aside
  • In a salad bowl, add in all the ingredients and toss
  • You may opt to cook for 3-5 minutes in a non-stick pan; no need to add extra oil
  • Serve immediately
‘Pako’ salad (Fiddle head Fern) a native salad
‘Pako’ salad – fiddle head fern, with salted egg, onions and tomatoes



‘Pako’ or Fiddle head fern washed and air-dried; set aside

Salted egg peeled and sliced; set aside

Onions sliced, set aside

Tomatoes sliced; set aside


  • In a salad bowl line the ‘pako’ leaves
  • Add in the salted egg, oinions and tomatoes
  • Toss before serving