SENSODYNE: Say No to Ngilo

Here’s a bit of trivia that you probably didn’t know about Pangingilo:

  • 9 out of 10 Filipinos suffer from Pangingilo* and majority just endure and settle with the pain.
  •  “Say No to Ngilo” is an advocacy campiagn where Dentists, Consumers and Sensodyne come together  to enjoin everyone to heed the call to take action to no longer endure the pain of pangingilo.
  • Because the Philippines is an important market for GSK, Sensodyne is now made more accessible and available to more Filipinos in a sachet format at the affordable price of Php10.
  • Sensodyne is committed to create a future where every Filipino is sensitive-free.  It is the #1 sensitivity brand in the country**, recommended by dentists***, and provides clinically proven relief and protection for sensitive teeth.

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