#UrMajestySiresMovieReviews: My 2 Mommies

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#urmajestysiresmoviereviews Watched 'My 2 Mommies', opening day, 1st hour screening; mejo naputol ang emosyon kasi may kinailangang saguting mga (work) messages pero kebs that's beside the point lols! O heto na and in no particular order ang reaction/observation ko: 1. Naluha ako – no shame at bato na lang ang hindi maantig; kung bakit? Aba eh 'di manuod kayo kaloka!; 2. Nailatag ang background ng characters fluidly sans the gasgas nang clichés; Ano ang cliché? I-Google mo na lang; 3. Ms. Maricel Soriano is a delight and portrayed being your overprotective Tita without hard-selling accessories, nuances and activities – THE Diamond Star shines with little or no effort pak!; 4. What can I say about Solenn? The ultimate IT-girl na kaya gawin lahat eh ano pa nga ba 'di nya kaya?! Hands down magaling din sya magdrama! Yung mata pa lang may emosyon na, yung pahulog ang luha pero 'di bumabagasak, yung magandang umiyak (at walang uhog); kaya sana magkateleserye or movie sya na super drama! Also, ang ganda niya kahit 'no makeup look' with matching freckles at nakapantulog?!; 5. JoEm's character is not your typical "partner" so to speak; and mind you, there truly exists co-equal, educated & accomplished individuals and not just the usual '"jowa ng beki na mahilig sa rubber shoes" ha!; 6. Jason (the husband of Solenn) natuwa, nagalit at naawa ako in a good way; that sometimes foreigners are more understanding of unconventional setups than Filipinos; 7. Tristan (the son) very millennial acting, entertaining and siguro 'di lang kinailangan pero may mapipiga pang emosyon; 8. The yaya, work assistant, relatives & beki friends natuwa ako kasi 'di sila overacting and they were given witty but meaningful nuggets na mapapaisip ka; 9. Paolo B. ano pa nga ba ang masasabi ko? Siguro super-relate sya sa role niya that you can see it in his eyes (naks!); also liked it na they diverted his wardrobe, house decors and nuances/activities from the usual flamboyant portrayal of bekis – again, ito yung co-equal, educated and accomplished individuals na masasabing pwedeng beki role model. All in all, panuorin ninyo Graded A ito! Saludo ako sayo Direk Eric Quizon! #my2mommies

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Solenn Heussaff: Releases self-titled album under Universal Records

‘Solenn’ album launch | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

“All the songs are about love in general, different types, different stages. It’s my way of expressing how I felt when I was going through these stages.” says Solenn Heussaff, the Filipino-French Platinum recording artist. “Universal Records gave me a list of songs that would suit me and we decided on a few pegs on how I wanted it to be and we worked from there.”

‘Solenn’ album launch | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

There are seven original tracks, three of which are in Filipino, and one cover song ‘Never Be The Same’ by Christopher Cross. During the presscon awhile ago, Solenn being born in 1985, didn’t know about this song by Christopher Cross and only heard it first when the album was in the initial process. She liked it because she wanted the album to be relaxing, an easy listening experience. “This album just makes me feel complete.”

‘Solenn’ album launch | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

“I love singing because its like painting, its a way to express myself, but what makes singing different is that it gives the listener the freedom to interpret it their own way and have that inimitable feeling of connection with the song.” Solenn said she sings Tagalog better than speak it and her favorite track is ‘Pangako.’ She said the songs included are more suitable to her voice range; some of her music influence came from Sade and Norah Jones.

‘Solenn’ is released under Universal Records and now available on CD in all record stores nationwide and on DIGITAL formats (iTunes, Spinnr, Deezer and Amazon).