Fishermall Chinese Banchetto: The place for your street food cravings all week long and more in Quezon City

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | crispy crablets, calamares, crispy tawilis and fried shrimps | All rights reserved

There are times when you have a hankering for Pinoy street food but thing is, most foodie haunts and food parks are only open during Fridays to Sundays. Well, Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto (which started out as a Chinese New Year Banchetto, hence the name) is open daily from 4:00pm to 10:00pm. They have a wide array of Pinoy street food staples like kwek kwek, isaw (and other for grill/barbecue pork & chicken parts), chicharong bulaklak, calamares, crablets, lumpia, siomai even crispy shrimps and tawilis.

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | pizza & pasta galore | All rights reserved

There’s also a pizza & pasta stall wherein for just P100.oo you can avail of a piece of deep dish pizza, pasta and cold drink of your choice! Talk about budget carbo-loading ei!

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | crispy crablets, tempura, chicharong bulaklak, calamares and kwek kwek | All rights reserved

What I really like about the place is that the the tables and chairs are sturdy and not the usual plastic type which is woobly; its situated beside the mall which covers heat from the sun; they have live music after 6:00pm; the stall owners cook & deliver the food to your table; plus the cleanup is fast so there are no smelly and sticky tables.

Fishermall’s Chinese Banchetto | isaw, addidas (chicken feet) and other pork & chicken parts for barbecue | All rights reserved

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URMAJESTYSIRE’S FOOD TRIPS: Crispy Chicken Skin, a deadly delicious Filipino Street-food

CRISPY CHICKEN SKIN | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved

Crispy Chicken Skin is peddled in the market near our home at around late afternoon to dinner time. It easily sells and runs out of stock because its not just street food for Filipinos per se, it can also be ‘ulam’ or part of a rice meal.

Like in our case, if we don’t have time to to cook we buy two small brown bags (around 50 grams each), whip up some crab & corn soup and take it with rice! We usually consume just a bag so we set aside the rest and make ‘papak’ or munch for midnight snack.

I know, its not healthy because its, fried, full of cholesterol  yada yada, but then again, a little deadly delicious makes my tummy happy!