LA POCA LOCA: Tried some of this ‘Crazy Small’ Mexican Restaurant’s fare

LA POCA LOCA’s facade | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights resrved
LA POCA LOCA’s TURONES MERCEDES is classic ‘turon’ filled with ‘leche flan’ and drizzled with chocolate sauce | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
LA POCA LOCA’s CHURROS with spicy dark chocolate dip | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved
LA POCA LOCA’s SEXY NACHOS single serving nacho with salsa and cheese | http://www.urmajestysire.wordpress.com | All rights reserved


0916 917 5622

Blk 64 Lot 13 Ascencion Avenue, Lagro Subdivision, Quezon City

THE BUNNY BAKER: A Cafe and Cake Studio

At THE BUNNY BAKER CAFE AND CAKE STUDIO: (Clockwise) Bunny Macarons, Speculoos Gelato, Cafe Latte, a wide array of gelato and Ate Fely enjoying the ambience.

Before the regular grocery shopping Ate Fely and I went to THE BUNNY BAKER CAFE AND CAKE STUDIO. Its fairly near us plus we also checked out the new nail spa and grocery store at the same building!

They have a wide array of ‘Gelato’; Oreos & Cream, Serenitea Okinawa, MILO, Reese’s, Irish Cream, Berrific and Nutella to name a few!

A closer look at the ‘Gelato’ counter
Of course they have cupcakes, and of special flavors even!

The Bunny Baker is also the cake studio which made the life-size Manny Pacquiao cake a few months ago.

Here are some of their cake studio’s designs


2469069 ext:251

Third Floor, Hemady Square, 1193 E. Rodriguez Avenue Corner Dona Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City

Fishermall, Pacman

SUGAR RAYS SPORTS BAR: Sports, Burgers, Beer, Arcade Games and more!

Sugar Ray’s has this cozy nook if you prefer a bit of privacy.

Its one of those days wherein after a quick shower you don’t want to dress up because you know you’ll just be going to one quick appointment. This was one of those days when a loose shirt, comfy shorts and slippers is okay – its just a dermatologist appointment. Any activity other than that, should (also) be relaxing like a massage, comedy movie or good meal.

Anyway, finished early from a dermatologist checkup and treatment, Ate Fely and I decided to try out Sugar Ray’s at Fisher Mall.

They have an open mic night! Plus acoustic bands performing almost every night.

I think at daytime this sports bar is a good chill out place to grab a bite and watch a few telecast games or cable TV shows.

A part of Sugar Ray’s long bar.

Or you can grab a bottle of beer and wait out the traffic at their long bar while watching TV.

Ate Fely enjoying the ambience.

Weird to some but this place for me is a good ‘day spot’ to do some work online. I mean really, they should serve good coffee and some pastries also for the ‘day’ patrons.

‘Game of Thrones’ drinking game!

For ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, you can watch it at Sugar Ray’s and play a drinking game too! Its a trivia game plus you get to drink, fun isn’t it?!

We tried Sugar Ray’s Cheeseburgers with a side of french fries.

We tried their cheeseburgers with a side of french fries with soda since it was still the afternoon. But they also serve steaks and different types of local and imported beer.

Next door they have old-fashioned video games like PACMAN and SPACE INVADERS!Who remembers these games?! Truth be told, I do! And nothing beats the ‘feel’ of playing in an arcade than a tablet!

Who remembers these old-fashioned games?! Well I do! Nothing beats the ‘feels’ of playing in an arcade than on a tablet!

Also next door beside the gaming section is a tattoo parlor.

Fond of console games or you need to have a quick meeting and you don’t know where to leave your kids? Let your kids play here while you talk business and sip beer next door!

More old-fashioned video games like GALAGA and DONKEY KONG!

Galaga and Donkey Kong should be rebooted and downloadable on tablets, just saying!

Remember ZOLTAR from TOM HANKS’ movie ‘BIG’

Okay, ’90s kids probably don’t know the movie ‘Big’ starring Tom Hanks but Zoltar here is still a crowd favorite with his booming voice and fortune telling skills!

A replica of ZOLTAR just like the one in TOM HANKS’ movie ‘BIG’ receives tokens and in turn gives you a fortune reading!
Getting my fortune reading from ZOLTAR!

After watching a cable cooking show, a good burger meal and after getting my ‘fortune’ from Zoltar we happily went home!


FANTASIA CAFE: A Dream of Venice

Our newest favorite restaurant – FANTASIA CAFE!
FANTASIA CAFE has masks that you can ‘borrow’ to take photos with!
FANTASIA CAFE’s Chicken Salad
FANTASIA CAFE’s Crispy Pork with Rice
FANTASIA CAFE also has sandwiches which are served with a side of salad.
Chocolate Pancakes is served with a side of chocolate ice cream at FANTASIA CAFE.
Blueberry Crepe is served with a side of ice cream too at FANTASIA CAFE.
You can ‘borrow’ these Venetian-inspired masks for photo-ops or selfies!
Its no surprise why we love FANTASIA CAFE, because we love donning masks and costumes during special occasions.
I like the Venetian-inspired interiors of FANTASIA CAFE in terms of color motif and decors but with a modern flare.


2nd floor Fairview Terraces Ayala Malls, Novaliches Quezon City.
332-2390 / 294-0596


SUGAR CRAVINGS: Satisfy your sugar cravings!

SUGAR CRAVINGS  interiors is so dainty!
SUGAR CRAVINGS interiors is so dainty!

I received an open invite from the owner of SUGAR CRAVINGS in February but had the time to visit with my cousin after almost a month because of the daily show.

The location is not ‘commuter-friendly’ unless you are familiar with DAMAR Village along araneta Avenue, SUGAR CRAVINGS is right beside its main entrance. Or if familiar with commuting along Araneta Avenue, you can take the Jeepney which goes from Araneta VAnue to La Loma.

We stayed at their VIP area wherein you may hold your special occasions, a private tea party or just want a bit of peace and quiet while dining.

Upon entering you’ll be greeted by a huge ‘Ferris Wheel’ cupcake vessel, which I would definitely like to have for family gatherings. At the main cafe, the dainty interiors, pink & white with floral walls and pink mini-chandeliers transports you to a tea party mood.

A selfie at SUGAR CRAVINGS’ huge ‘Ferris Wheel’ cupcake vessel which I’d like to take home!

If you want a meal before going on a sugar rush like me, they have an ala carte menu and coffee to boot.

I Super liked this personalized Mango Crepe at SUGAR CRAVINGS!
SUGAR CRAVINGS is a kikay selfie-addict’s wonderland!

Their dessert buffet fare consists of cookies, cakes, mini creme puffs, ice cream with cereal or sprinkles, shot-glass creamy desserts, chocolate crinkles, different brownies, yema balls, etc.

I also liked that they have ‘dynamite’, green mango and ‘singkamas’ (turnip) slices with ‘bagoong’ (shrimp paste) to sort of break the sugar taste if need be.

The place is perfect for private functions and celebrations (Glaiza De Castro and her fans had a mini-gathering here a few weeks ago) or for a quiet date with loved ones.

09229723503 / 09225422
#686 Banawe St.
Quezon City, Philippines