PPAP or Pen Pineapple Pen: The next ‘gangnam style’?

Is PPAP or Pen Pineapple Pen the next ‘gangnam style’ to hit the web? Well, its been trending since its upload on August 25, with 2.4 million views.

But I must admit, its simple, catchy and the moves are easy to follow. No wonder a few celebrities and YouTube sensations are uploading their own versions – even our very own Maine Mendoza.


Twitter: About to introduce Algorithmic Timeline by next week, #RIPTwitter trending

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Why is #RIPTwitter trending? What is Algorithmic Timeline?

In ‘Algorithmic Timeline,’ tweets will be reordered based on what Twitter’s algorithm deems as what the majority will mostly want to view.

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Currently, Twitter uses reverse ‘Chronological Order’, which is in sync with Facebook’s feeds. So it will undoubtedly boggle up a lot of Facebook to Twitter or Twitter to Facebook user posts and such.

Its not yet entirely clear whether the algorithmic timeline will be an option.

Source: Buzzfeed

Then what’s the point of tweeting?!

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