UrMajestySire’s Movie Reviews: Wonder Woman (2017) well-worth the wait indeed!

Wonder Woman’s almost every girl’s favorite for decades (Barbie’s another topic). She’s the epitome of girl power, of a woman’s capacity for strength and independence coupled with intelligence and wit. Being of a certain age, Lynda Carter was THE one and only Wonder Woman for me, so whomever was chosen to play the part of the Amazon Goddess after her, certainly should exceed expectations.

Gal Gadot did not exceed expectations but rather gave a whole new perception, a different dimension, a re-definition of Wonder Woman.┬áHer Amazonian features are not ‘masculine’ but toned rather than the comic book depictions of early 2000 which for me, resembled an MMA/UFC fighter. Gal’s look was a cross between an androgynous supermodel and one of the 80’s G.L.O.W. (Glorious Ladies Of Wrestling), but that’s just me.

Now about the film, certain details of Diana’s history were answered. Though in some (comic book) stories she was not molded from clay by Hera and breathed into life by Zeus. Either way, she’s still an Amazon clueless that she is in fact, a Goddess.

What I liked the most is that the film focused on her emotions and reactions with each unfolding phase. I mean if Steve Trevor hasn’t suffered such fate, then Diana would not have triggered and discovered her maximum power, right? But then again, maybe in an alternate universe, Steve could have lived happily with Diana and she discovers her full potential in some other way.

Now about the twist with the ‘God Killer’ sword and the climactic one on one with her nemesis, its certainly one for the books. A perfect amalgamation of the mythical, the esoteric and the futuristic.

Aside from the actors, the director, writer, all through the cinematography, period and amazonian costumes, effects..everything, did not disappoint – certainly well-worth the wait!