Enteng Kabisote and The Abangers: An early Christmas treat for everyone to be shown on Nov. 30 holiday!


It will be an early Christmas and a holiday, Bonifacio Day treat as ‘Enteng Kabisote and The Abangers’ will be shown tomorrow! The beloved movie franchise will be shown in more than 200 cinemas nationwide, with some opening as early as 9:00am.





Bossing Vic Sotto and his Dabarkads are back for another blockbuster fantasy-adventure movie based on the well-loved Pinoy pop culture icon! Kids are in for a treat as Bossing reprises his beloved role as Enteng Kabisote

What’s he been up to with his family and what will he face this time? Troop down to your local cinemas with your family and friends and watch ‘Enteng Kabisote and The Abangers!

Directed by Marlon Rivera and Tony Y. Reyes, and produced by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Productions and APT Entertainment.


Agos: Chef Tatung’s newest restaurant that sets the bar higher for Filipino food

Agos | Facade | All rights reserved

Agos is Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou’s newest Filipino restaurant that sets the bar higher for authentic Filipino food. Known for his devotion for essentially indigenous cooking (which he shared in his best-selling cook book Philippine Cookery: From Heart To Platter), his vision for Agos is more of an homage to Filipino-Hispanic dishes using turn of the century cooking techniques. After all, Filipino cuisine is peppered with influences especially during the Galleon Trade.

Agos | Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou will represent the Philippines in Madrid Fusion congress in Spain 2017 | All rights reserved

Chef Tatung aside from another cookbook in the works, has been busy with a 4-part series ‘The Food That We Are’ based on his book, Philippine Cookery: From Heart To Platter and preparations for his talk about ‘Salt’ representing the country at Madrid Fusion 2017 in Spain next year.

Agos | Kinilaw na Tuna | All rights reserved

Kinilaw na Tuna – freshly sourced from different parts of the country, the tuna slices are served with ‘suha’ (pomelo) and cucumber slices, minced red onions and ginger with a bit of chili. It is best eaten with a sprinkle of salt (they have 16 kinds) which brings out a different dimension to this classic appetizer.

Agos | Chicken Sisig Lettuce Wraps | All rights reserved

Chicken Sisig Lettuce – we usually eat ‘sisig’ straight from the sizzling plate or pan but Chef Tatung’s version is taco-style.

Agos | How to eat the Chicken Sisig Lettuce Wraps | All rights reserved

How to eat the Chicken Sisig Lettuce Wraps: You take a piece of lettuce, place some sisig mix, shredded red cabbage and crusty taro strings then a few dollops of mango sauce and roll and bite into its delicious goodness.

Agos | Eggplant Ensalada | All rights reserved

Eggplant Ensalada – this reminds me of the Ilocano ‘poqui poqui’ dish. It’s grilled eggplant topped with tomato and red onion salsa. A good choice as starter or as a side dish.

Agos | Pollo Con Salsa Tsokolate | All rights reserved

Pollo Con Salsa Tsokolate – Its chicken braised in dark chocolate sauce. Intriguing isn’t it? When the Spaniards came to the Philippines, they also brought ‘cacao‘ or ‘tsokolate’ from Mexico. Aside from making organic hot chocolate using a ‘batirol’ (a pot shaped like an urn used for turning cacao into a drink), the Spaniards used cacao primarily as a seasoning and as a medicinal drink. It has become a dessert only for the past 150 years.

With this dish the juicy chicken is complimented by the earthy dark chocolate sauce. There is no bitter aftertaste but a hint of sweetness at the end. A must-try dish for the serious foodie!

Agos | Tocino Pork Ribs | All rights reserved

Tocino Pork Ribs – the all-time favorite breakfast fare ‘tocino’ (which means ‘bacon’ in Spanish) is escalated from pork strips to pork ribs. Marinated with all-natural ingredients, its fall-off-the-bone goodness will prompt one to order extra rice or a pan of paella.

Agos | Twice-Cooked Beer Pork Belly | All rights reserved

Twice-Cooked Beer Belly – marinated in Chef’s secret ingredients and cooked at a lower temperature for a longer time which renders the fat and meat so succulent. Its so soft that you don’t need a knife with its melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Hands down, the best beer belly with the most generous serving I’ve tasted in the metro!

Agos | Paella Fiesta Filipina | All rights reserved

Paella Fiesta Filipina – Served steaming full of locally-sourced fresh ingredients (seafood, smoked pork jowl [cured and smoked cheeks of pork] instead of Spanish ‘chorizo’, chicken, squid ink and vegetables) that just a bit of the delicious yellow Ifugao ‘tinawon’ rice peeks through. Chef Tatung uses annato instead of saffron plus you’ll scrape the crunchy ‘tutong’. Its a classic favorite brought to a new level!


Palabok – the classic Filipino noodle dish served oozing with ingredients, perfect-bite rice noodles and that distinctive sauce using annato served topped with egg is a surefire comfort food to crave for.

Agos | 3-Cheese Bibingka Delight | All rights reserved

3-Cheese Bibingka Delight – Kesong Puti, cheddar and mozarella tops the soft cassava cake. But that’s not all, embedded inside are pieces of nata de coco and its served with salted egg sauce.

Agos | Cucumber Lychee | All rights reserved

Cucumber Lychee – the restaurant does not serve soda, just fresh natural juices like Cucumber and Lychee. Its a fresh palate cleanser same with their house blend iced tea.

Agos | Interiors by Noel Bernardo | All rights reserved

Agos’ interiors were by Noel Bernardo, inspired by the Spanish galleons. The concept incorporates indigenous materials for ceiling installations and lighting, round mirrored windows and turquoise tiles representing the sea.

Agos | Chef Myke Tatung Sarthou endlessly experiments with dishes and cooking techniques | All rights reserved

Chef Tatung’s passion for Filipino cookery is truly bold, admirable and now bears fruit because Filipinos are being re-educated of our roots through our palates. The world is finally taking notice of our cuisine so don’t be left out and experience Agos!

Agos is located at the ground floor North Wing Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia Pasay City
For reservations please call: (02) 889 1462


Enteng Kabisote and The Abangers: Set To Save the World from Digital Menace



In the tradition of offering family-friendly fare, Vic Sotto and his Dabarkads are back for another blockbuster fantasy-adventure movie based on the well-loved Pinoy pop culture icon! Kids are in for a treat as Bossing reprises his beloved role as Enteng Kabisote in the latest instalment of the movie series titled: Enteng Kabisote 10 and The Abangers.


Will Enteng and the Abangers be able to save the world? Moviegoers can find out in theaters real soon. The movie is directed by Marlon Rivera and Tony Y. Reyes, and produced by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Productions and APT Entertainment.

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Mister Kabab: Re-acquainted my palate with their delicious and affordable Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fare


At long last, tried Mister Kabab again! Years back my cousins and I would eat at one of their Q.C. branch either before or after a Saturday night out. Tried the Fisher Mall branch a year ago with my cousin and sister but since they renovated, I haven’t had the time to drop by to re-acquaint my palate and check if they’ve made changes in their menu.

Recently went back with two foodie friends whom have not tried the place before. Here’s what we tried and I must warn you, you might crave after reading this post.


‘Couscous’ (P120.00) – tomatoes, olives and fresh coriander


Appetizer Platter (P420.00) which consists of spinach with egg, eggplant with whey sauce, eggplant with egg, etc. (Choose any 4 appetizer) served with pita bread. Aside from being a good to-share platter, its also great for those who want a different source of protein. Want to start off your kids’ palate with vegetables when eating out, this is a good way to go.


‘Shorba’ (P120.00) – Chunky Tarragon infused vegetable soup served with an egg. Traditionally made with tomato broth and coconut milk, seasoned with bay leaves and garlic. Its the usual tummy-warmer of the Balkans. It may look simple but it is flavorful. Its a soup to crave for during rainy days especially if you want to deviate from the usual chicken or mushroom soup.


‘Shrimp Korma’ (P200.00) – a dish of mildly spiced meat or seafood marinated or braised in yogurt or curds, cream, nut or seed paste. I liked this dish the most from this food adventure because the aroma and kick is just right. No one will judge you if you ask for an extra order of biryani rice with grilled tomatoes. Aside from ‘shorba’ soup, its also a dish you’ll crave for when its raining.


‘Beef Chelo Kabab’ served with ‘Biryani Rice’ (P170.00) – The classic and popular favorite. The beef is really tender and flavorful and an upgrade to biryani rice plus extra grilled tomatoes is a must! Its no wonder foodies are raving about it.


‘Bhaglava’ or ‘Bhaklava’ – is a popular Middle Eastern/Mediterranean dessert made of layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with sugar syrup or honey. Mister Kabab’s version is really sweet and best paired with a cup of coffee or tea for a nice meal-ender.


Mister Kabab is known for their Yoghurt Shake and house coffee but opted for tea to calm my tummy.

Will definitely go back to try the other dishes, their yoghurt shake, coffee and the cakes. They have different branches around the metro so there’s probably one near you. So if you’re craving for good MiddleEastern/Mediterranean food, that’s very affordable and consistent in taste, and Halal-certified, try out Mister Kabab at your next food trip with your family and friends fellow foodies!

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MApp: The Smart Mommy App that can also be used by dads, aunts, everyone!


In this day and age, our lifestyles are modified and influenced strongly with advances in technology. Needless to say parenting is not the same as a decade ago or even five years ago. But that should not be a deterrent from using technology to aid in our day to day activities, especially in parenting. That’s why Kapuso Actress LJ Reyes, who is also a busy mom, brought to life her brainchild – MApp, The Smart Mommy App!


MApp is a mobile application and online community that aids mommies. With just a swipe and tap from the list of sponsor child and family oriented establishments and activities, it equips mommies (and daddies – everyone!) with the perfect tool whether for emergencies or just for creating a memorable time with the family.


You can download it on Android via Google Play and on iOS via Apple Store for free! Plus their website is also an online bulletin board and community for sharing news, information and even personal stories, which aims to build a community that supports each other through parenthood.

I highly recommend it so download it now!

More information about MApp:

Website: www.mapp.com.ph

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MAppPH
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mapp.ph

Email: info@mapp.com.ph

For technical support: support@mapp.com.ph


Bureau of Customs: Meeting Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon and improvements at the BOC


The Bureau of Customs in our country has had quite a negative connotation for decades due to unscrupulous individuals. Needless to say, the corruption is so rampant that smuggling and ‘payoffs’ has been an accepted norm because enforcing regulations and catching violators were to no avail.

I had the privilege to sit down with present BOC Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon and learned that there’s still a ray of hope to ‘clean’ the bureau.

The BOC is not just an assessment and revenue collections agency, most Filipinos don’t know that they also curb illicit trade and customs fraud. A daunting task because they have to secure 17 ports/borders of our country including wharves in Zamboanga which is a ‘hot spot‘ of smugglers. In line with this, they have laid down plans for procurement of 20 speed boats.


“It’s all about corruption..” said Comm. Faeldon. The top smuggled goods are drugs, firearms (including accessories), rice, cosmetics (ex. Kylie Jenner brand), sugar, petroleum (of which BOC suggested color kits for fuel which petroleum companies opposed), medicines, bags (fake or imitation), mobiles/gadgets, agriculture products (onions, bananas, etc.)

“Help us challenge the importers..” said Comm. Faeldon. Importers whom have been vocal about corruption within the bureau were challenged to point out the corrupt official, broker, etc. but none has come forward yet.

“We cannot do this alone..” said Comm. Faeldon. The BOC encourages everyone to be vigilant and to not be afraid to report illegal dealings.



Aside from the drug smuggling apprehensions at the NAIA, an interesting case was told by Comm. Faeldon about the discovery and apprehension of the ‘floating’ shabu factory a few weeks ago. It was a very delicate case because the tips came from a top list of person of interest and suspects.


To further curtail corruption within the Bureau, the BOC created a Command Center and installed 158 operational CCTV cameras in and around the Port of Manila and OCOM building, including the office of the Commissioner. Livestreaming online is also available to the public (

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2017 Year of the Fire Rooster by Marites Allen: Get the much-awaited Almanac for 2017 and join in the 12th Philippine Feng Shui Convention!


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Walt Disney Animation Studios: ‘Moana’ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Set for release on November 18, the Moana original motion picture soundtrack features seven original songs and a full original score, plus two reprises as well as two end-credit versions of songs from the film. Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Moana” opens in Philippine theaters on Nov. 30, 2016.

The diverse and dynamic team behind the film’s inspired music includes Tony®- and Grammy®-winning songwriter/composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, who counts among his credits Broadway’s Pulitzer Prize-winning and multiple Tony-winning “Hamilton” and the Tony-winning “In the Heights.” The creative team also includes three-time Grammy®-winning composer Mark Mancina (“Speed,” “Tarzan” and the Oscar®-winning “Training Day”) and Opetaia Foa‘i, the founder and lead singer of Te Vaka, a winner of numerous world music awards.

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Viber: Launches ‘Public Accounts’ for Businesses and Brands to Engage With Their Global Audience


Viber’s new business solution will enable brands of all sizes to tailor the way they wish to engage with their clients and potential clients.

Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps, has recently announced the launch of ‘Public Accounts’ which will allow businesses, brands and public figures to engage with Viber’s more than 800 million unique registered users—26 million in the Philippines—in a way that is personal, intuitive and seamless. Continue reading “Viber: Launches ‘Public Accounts’ for Businesses and Brands to Engage With Their Global Audience”


Jessica Jung: Southeast Asia Fan Meeting Tour has been cancelled


Coridel Entertainment has regrettably announced today the postponement of Jessica Jung’s Southeast Asia Fan Meeting Tour.

The fan meeting, previously scheduled for 25 November 2016 at PICC Plenary Hall Manila, has been postponed due to health risks and concerns that the workload would be too overwhelming for the singer who is currently in full preparation mode for her upcoming album. Future dates will be announced as soon as they are available.

Launch Group extends sincere apologies on behalf of Coridel Entertainment for any inconvenience caused to ticketholders and fans alike.

Refunds will be made through the original mode of payment and ASIA BOX OFFICE will contact all patrons with further details on refund processes.

For more information, call the ASIA BOX OFFICE Hotline at (65) 6733 0360.