#UrMajestySiresAdventures: Christmas Decor Inspirations in August

September’s just around the corner so there’s roughly two months to plan and build or add to your theme (especially if you’re in the Philippines which celebrates Christmas from September to January). Remember, holiday decors are cheaper if you order/buy months ahead, if you buy by the dozen and if you buy raw (no paint, glitter, etc.).

Make it a point to visit bazaars, factory outlets, garage sales, etc. if you want unique pieces in your collection or simply put, if you want to achieve a ‘non-mall look.’ Or if you’re the crafty type, buy your materials and start off early.

Here are some of my ‘finds’  for the month of August broken down into categories from the Christmas 2016 trends.

Unique Christmas Tree Design: ‘Christmas Tree Dress’ – To be honest, this trend started 2015 but its still the rage with those who want to diverse from the traditional. It’s great for a girl’s room, for a fashion boutique display, for a walk-in closet, etc. Its a definite conversation piece if you place it in your foyer, garden or powder room too.

august_decors research 16

xmas tree dress_cto fashion seeker

Watch variations of this trend here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrT3IuTbX_0

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A1: Live in the Philippines this October!

A1_Philippines 2 dates Poster

A1 video invite for Manila – https://youtu.be/DmuamW9_1Ng

A1 video invite for Cebu – https://youtu.be/PpXgtB0ko_c

A1 Live in Manila 2016
October 23, 2016 at the KIA Theatre, Quezon City.
Tickets available at Ticketnet outlets and online or call 911-5555.
Visit http://www.concertrepublic.com for more details


RTU 2016 : Road to Ultra is the ultimate Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival experience

Road To Ultra PH_Poster
Road to Ultra is the ultimate Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival experience licensed by Ultra Worldwide based in Miami, Florida. The much anticipated annual festival features only the top international DJs, showcasing cutting-edge stage production including world-class visuals, lighting, cryogenics and pyrotechnics.

RTU 2016 features awesome headliners Alesso, Hardwell, and Tiësto. Others in the line-up are Fedde Legrand, Moti, Jessica Milner, Raiden, and Tom Taus.

Road To Ultra is mounted by Ovation Productions and Blackwater. Tickets available online through https://smtickets.com/events/ view/4257 or contact https://philippines. roadtoultra.com/ or 09953780076 or (02)5328883 *This is an 18+ event.*

Get yourself in the zone for Road To Ultra by listening to EDMOTION DANCE HITS exclusively distributed by MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines). Available now in 3CD at Astroplus/Astrovision stores.

Download/Stream via https://gm.lnk.to/EDMotionDHFP


UrMajestySiresFoodExperiments: Trying Out The Cake Toast Trend

blog_cake toast_2

Basic Cake Toast (*variations are posted below)
1 1/2 cups of flour
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tsp vanilla (optional)
4 tbsps butter
1/2 cup water
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#PokemonGo Fever: Pokemon-inspired Burgers!

down n out_pokemon go burgers

No doubt about it, the Pokemon and Pokemon Go fever is sizzling! Now truth be told, I’m not an avid player (because I need to live in the real world and work hehe!) but if you combine this trend and food, now that’ll surely ‘catch’ my fancy!

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FDCP Goes to the Regions: Visayas and Mindanao Film Forums

FDCP Chair Liza Diño wants to hear from you!

The new chairperson and the FDCP are coming this August to the Visayas and Mindanao regions and inviting all from the regional film communities for a film forum to discuss the needs and concerns of filmmakers, film academics and students, and enthusiasts in country.

Davao Film Forum (August 27)

Sit down for a talk with us at the Mindanao Film Forum on August 27, Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm at the Cinematheque Davao, Palma Gil St., Davao City.

Visayas Film Forum (August 28)And for those in Iloilo, the Visayas Film Forum happens on August 28, Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm, at the Cinematheque Iloilo, B&C Square Bldg., Iznart cor. Solis Sts., Iloilo City.

The forums are free and open to all filmmakers and to everyone in the film community! Make your voice of cinema be heard!

And if you are unable to attend, feel free to voice out through chairliza@fdcp.ph or through our Facebook pages @FDCP.ph and @FDCPChairLiza. Stay up to date by visiting our website at www.fdcp.ph or our social media pages.

Join us as #FDCPGoesToTheRegions


Film Dev’t Council PH: Make the Cut! Film Editing Workshops at the Cinematheques

Cinematheque Workshop series - Editing (poster)Calling all aspiring film editors!

This August and September 2016, the Film Development Council of the Philippines, in partnership with the National Film Archives of the Philippines and the Film ASEAN, will have a series of film editing workshops that will be held at all FDCP Cinematheques across the country. Students, cineastes, and young film professionals, who have the desire to tell stories through film, beyond the camera lens, are invited to join and, make the cut!

The 5-day workshops will tackle topics such as: A) the Power of post-production, B) File management and a more systematic workflow, C) Storytelling through editing, D) Non-linear editing techniques, and E) culminate in a presentation of students’ edited outputs.

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Daniel Radcliffe: Tackles Unsettling, Timely Theme in ‘Imperium’

27inx40in IMPERIUM

After Harry Potter came along, Daniel Radcliffe tackled a variety of roles in movies with grittier themes. The endearing smile is sometimes replaced with a scowl, but fans cannot deny that there is magic in his method of acting.
For his latest movie, “the boy with the scar” has grown up and is now tackling a different kind of scar – the one that affects and infects society in modern times. It would take something stronger than magic to banish the real-life premise of Imperium, his latest movie.


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The Nature Trend: How to achieve it without going overboard and other tips

In the age of digital everything, a bit of nature though simulated, reconnects our living spaces to what is natural. Butterflies, bird’s nests, blossoms, topiary, etc. adds whimsy and life to spaces. No wonder this trend is still going strong since 2013. What changes every year are the hues, texture and materials used. You need not go full on bold to incorporate these in your living areas because a few pieces will be enough to achieve this trend.

august_decors research 1

Hanging faux butterflies adds life or movement to an area. Same with wind chimes, it is best placed near doors, or windows. In a bedroom it is nice placed above the bed with some mood lighting.

august_decors research 2

Colorful weaver bird’s nest inspired lamps can be placed indoors to bring a bit of nature and rustic vibe. If hung outdoors, preferably on tree branches, it adds a pop of color. I haven’t seen one not dyed or made in neutral color or undertones but it is quite possible to have such pieces custom made by local makers/suppliers if you want to achieve a more natural look.

august_decors research 3

Faux floral arrangements with Bohemian or Boho Chic inspired colors will brighten a room or a corner any time of the day. No rules, just free style arrangement that you can combine with dried or faux twigs, eucalyptus leaves, etc. Plus, no need to water them every day.

august_decors research 5

Topiary faux floral arrangements hung indoors gives off a fresh, natural feel with less time for maintenance. If you fancy, you can add ribbons or faux butterflies for added effect. Here’s a tip, use a scented soap or a drop of scented oil like rose, lavender, jasmine, etc. in the tub of water so that when it dries it will give off a subtle smell. Use floral scents and avoid pine, lemon or any ‘car deodorizer scents.’

august_decors research 9

Topiary faux plants, mini colorful baskets, wooden white picket planters and iron miniature mobile planters combos are spotted more at restaurants, malls and even salons primarily because it adds a bit of green without the need to water or place out in the sun. Once a week, just soak in a tub of soapy water and hang to dry and voila, you can place it back. Here’s a tip, use a scented soap or a drop of scented oil like bamboo, lemongrass, eucalyptus, etc. in the tub of water so that when it dries it will give off a subtle smell. And again, veer away from pine, lemon or any ‘car deodorizer scents.’  

So these are my finds for this month and take on the nature trend. Hope you like it and thanks for the click!


UrMajestySiresFoodExperiments: ‘Kinilaw na Dilis with Lato’ or ‘Anchovy Ceviche with Seaweed’

blog_april_kinilaw na dilis na may lato at labuyo_watermark

Sharing my ‘Bisaya’ side of the family’s simple version of ‘kinilaw’ or ‘kilawin’ which has many regional versions in Filipino cooking. Its basically composed of raw fish cleaned (innards removed) marinated in a mix of vinegar, ginger, salt, pepper and chili.

Now ‘ceviche’ is pretty much the same as kinilaw, which is Spanish or Latin American in origin. The differences are that the fish meat is cured using citrus juices and the addition of olive oil.

Farmed and now readily available  at supermarkets, ‘lato’ or ‘caulerpa lentillifera’ is a type of seaweed which resembles small grapes. It is also known as ‘arosep,’ ‘ar-arosep,’ or ‘lato bilog.’

Here’s a simple version, hope you like it and thanks for the click!

Kinilaw na Dilis with Lato
anchovies or dilis, innards removed and washed clean
lato or
ginger, minced
tomato, sliced
labuyo or chili, sliced or flakes
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