SALADS: Sharing three healthy, simple and delicious recipes

Baby Squid and Mandarin Oranges Salad



Baby Squid cleaned and sauteed in garlic and onions; set aside

Salad greens washed and air dried; set aside

Chili flakes

Mandarin Oranges peeled and sectioned; set aside

Salt & Pepper to taste


  • In a salad bowl, tear and line the leafy greens
  • Add in the baby squid and mandarin oranges
  • Add a dash of salt & pepper to taste
  • You may opt to add chili flakes for some kick
  • Toss before serving



Kale washed and air-dried; set aside

Garlic crushed and minced; set aside

Onion minced; set aside

Tomatoes sliced; set aside

Olive oil

Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Rub the kale leaves with a bit of olive oil and set aside
  • In a salad bowl, add in all the ingredients and toss
  • You may opt to cook for 3-5 minutes in a non-stick pan; no need to add extra oil
  • Serve immediately
‘Pako’ salad (Fiddle head Fern) a native salad
‘Pako’ salad – fiddle head fern, with salted egg, onions and tomatoes



‘Pako’ or Fiddle head fern washed and air-dried; set aside

Salted egg peeled and sliced; set aside

Onions sliced, set aside

Tomatoes sliced; set aside


  • In a salad bowl line the ‘pako’ leaves
  • Add in the salted egg, oinions and tomatoes
  • Toss before serving


SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR opens a store in Banawe Quezon City

Finished tasks earlier than usual so decided to scout around for new foodie haunts in Banawe Quezon City. Walking around we crossed the street to what looks like a building with renovations, you know with the bamboo scaffolding still in place and all. Turns out its a new store – SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR.

Persimmon, Korean apples, flat & honey peaches and more are available at SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR

SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR started as a wholesaler and retailer of fresh fruits and organic vegetables. They deliver both imported and local products to supermarkets, groceries, etc. nationwide.

Grapefruit, avocados, China pears, etc.

Testing the waters through bazaars last year which yielded success, they decided to put up a ‘physical’ store to showcase their products to a neighborhood setting.

SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR also has organic products like coco sugar, malunggay powder, turmeric, chia seeds, etc.

Aside from fruits, they also have a wide variety of fresh organic vegetables at affordable prices like cherry tomatoes, cabbage, spinach, zucchini, etc. Powdered organic supplements like malunggay to spruce up your healthy drinks, healthy alternatives like coco sugar and chia seeds to top off your juices and shakes.

SUNSHINE FRUIT BAR also has cassava chips, camote chips or mixed chips in a resealable container

If you are a ‘snacker’ and you’re looking for healthy alternatives, Sunshine Fruit Bar has cassava chips, camote chips or a mix of both.

They also have sugar-free cookies, granola, pistachios, etc. in snack packs

If cookies are your snack thing then try their oatmeal cookies that are sugar free. Or grab some granola to mix with dried fruits and pistachios for a healthy trail mix or flavor addition to your breakfast cereal.

Whisk Salad Dressing is also available here

While getting some arugula or romaine, grab a bottle of Whisk Salad Dressing. Try out a new dressing like soy ginger, tamarind, raspberry vinaigrette, lemon tarragon vinaigrette and a special dressing for those on Paleo diet.

Healthy cakes and pastries plus detox drinks are also available

And get this, they have a cozy nook where you can snack on healthy cakes and pastries or quench down your thirst with some detox juice!

Stash for this trip is a bag of kale, organic tea bags and some carabao’s milk – this will be on a separate post!

0922 882 3313
Sct. Alcaraz cor. Banawe St.
Quezon City, Philippines


HOT STAR LARGE FRIED CHICKEN: Taiwan’s Popular Large fried Chicken

‘Get your chicken fix at hot star Banawe’
I like HOT STAR LARGE FRIED CHICKEN’s quirky interiors and color scheme
Hot Star’s fare is consistently delicious, big food portions and very affordable!
We had the chicken and fish with rice of course!
Happy tummy and chicken cravings satisfied!

77 Sct. Alcaraz St. Siena, QC.
1012 Quezon City, Philippines


HEALTHY DAY: A Cafe, Restaurant and Nail Spa

HEALTHY DAY’s cakes, pastries and juices

Some of HEALTHY DAY CAFE’s food: Malunggay, Ampalaya, and Ginger lattes and a choice of non-fat or soy milk. Oatmeal Chocolate Panna Cotta, Chocolate Tofu Mousse and for kikays, they have a ‘Beauty Potion’ juice!

Healthy Day’s adjoining dining room where reservations for intimate celebrations or meetings can be held
This organic seed cultivator is displayed at their main cafe
Seeds: Cilantro, lettuce, basil, purple radish, etc.
Healthy Day’s Nail Spa
Massage chairs are also available at Healthy Day’s Nail Spa


0917-6381391 or 510-9896

739 Banawe Street, Brgy. St. Peter
Quezon City, Philippines

Fishermall, Pacman

SUGAR RAYS SPORTS BAR: Sports, Burgers, Beer, Arcade Games and more!

Sugar Ray’s has this cozy nook if you prefer a bit of privacy.

Its one of those days wherein after a quick shower you don’t want to dress up because you know you’ll just be going to one quick appointment. This was one of those days when a loose shirt, comfy shorts and slippers is okay – its just a dermatologist appointment. Any activity other than that, should (also) be relaxing like a massage, comedy movie or good meal.

Anyway, finished early from a dermatologist checkup and treatment, Ate Fely and I decided to try out Sugar Ray’s at Fisher Mall.

They have an open mic night! Plus acoustic bands performing almost every night.

I think at daytime this sports bar is a good chill out place to grab a bite and watch a few telecast games or cable TV shows.

A part of Sugar Ray’s long bar.

Or you can grab a bottle of beer and wait out the traffic at their long bar while watching TV.

Ate Fely enjoying the ambience.

Weird to some but this place for me is a good ‘day spot’ to do some work online. I mean really, they should serve good coffee and some pastries also for the ‘day’ patrons.

‘Game of Thrones’ drinking game!

For ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, you can watch it at Sugar Ray’s and play a drinking game too! Its a trivia game plus you get to drink, fun isn’t it?!

We tried Sugar Ray’s Cheeseburgers with a side of french fries.

We tried their cheeseburgers with a side of french fries with soda since it was still the afternoon. But they also serve steaks and different types of local and imported beer.

Next door they have old-fashioned video games like PACMAN and SPACE INVADERS!Who remembers these games?! Truth be told, I do! And nothing beats the ‘feel’ of playing in an arcade than a tablet!

Who remembers these old-fashioned games?! Well I do! Nothing beats the ‘feels’ of playing in an arcade than on a tablet!

Also next door beside the gaming section is a tattoo parlor.

Fond of console games or you need to have a quick meeting and you don’t know where to leave your kids? Let your kids play here while you talk business and sip beer next door!

More old-fashioned video games like GALAGA and DONKEY KONG!

Galaga and Donkey Kong should be rebooted and downloadable on tablets, just saying!

Remember ZOLTAR from TOM HANKS’ movie ‘BIG’

Okay, ’90s kids probably don’t know the movie ‘Big’ starring Tom Hanks but Zoltar here is still a crowd favorite with his booming voice and fortune telling skills!

A replica of ZOLTAR just like the one in TOM HANKS’ movie ‘BIG’ receives tokens and in turn gives you a fortune reading!
Getting my fortune reading from ZOLTAR!

After watching a cable cooking show, a good burger meal and after getting my ‘fortune’ from Zoltar we happily went home!


LAGUNA Out Takes: Ang SARAP Magliwaliw sa Liliw DIVA!

Selfie at Tsinelas street with a giant shoe from the famous Badong’s Shoes!
Sarap Diva staff and crew all excited for the Laguna adventure!
Selfie with Direk Bam and the giant shoe again!
Direk Treb doing a robotic pose with the giant shoe!
The Cooking Diva has arrived! That’s Jon ready to do the briefing with Ate Reg.
sd 2015_Laguna_Liliw_episodic_23
Donita Rose learned how to make Uraro!
sd 2015_Laguna_Liliw_episodic_2
The Cooking Diva is really not so diva-like. Here she drinks a soda sitting by the side walk waiting for the next take!
sd 2015_Laguna_Liliw_episodic_26
The truly humble Chef Boy Logro, gamely showed us his skill of climbing coconut trees to harvest its fruit for ‘Tuba’ or native wine-making!

MOTHER’S DAY 2015: An Advance Celebration for my ‘Second Moms’

Advance ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ celebration with my ‘Second Mothers’ and cousin Brie! Treated them at ‘Bida’ (hero/heroine) Filipino Kitchen because they’re ‘bidas’ in my life!

Impromptu and advance ‘Mother’s Day’ celebration with my ‘Second Mothers’ (Tita Sally, Ate Fely and Ate Mabelle) and cousin Brie!

I rarely have free time, so after a prior engagement went to fetch them with Ate Fely for an advance treat! We had dinner at ‘Bida’ (hero/heroine) Filipino Kitchen because they’re ‘bidas’ in my life!

Advance ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ celebration at Mama Mia’s Casa! Big Sis cooked Baked Pork Chops w/ Herbs & baked Banana-Almond Crunch and I brought Custard Cake.

Ate Mabelle coincidentally cooked Baked Herbed Pork Chops & baked Banana-Almond Crunch for dinner which was delicious as always! We were full from the restaurant treat so the rest of the home cooked meal went to the fridge which if offered, would’ve happily agreed to take some home hehe! Will post recipes soon!

The advance ‘Mother’s Day’ celebration continued with coffee and custard cake at Tita Sally’s white house after dinner.

It was a good spur-of-the-moment decision and a fulfilling day! Nothing beats spending quality time albeit just a few hours with the people who love and support you unconditionally!


SAISAKI: My Japanese favorites in one buffet!

CALIFORNIA ROLL at SAISAKI West Avenue branch!
Different kinds of SUSHI at SAISAKI West Avenue branch!
TEMPURA at SAISAKI West Avenue branch!
My yummy ‘starter’ plate!
My all-time favorite, SALMON SASHIMI!
Strawberry and Mango ice cream with chocolate sprinkles for dessert!
Love their display/arrangement!

West Triangle › 15 West Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City

Monday to Friday LUNCH Php488

Monday to Friday DINNER Php688

Saturday-Sunday & Holidays LUNCH & DINNER Php788


NYFD: 100% Beef Burgers served with fries and dip!

NYFD Signature Burger and NYFD Cheese Burger with regular fries, cheese and garlic-parmesan dips!

New York Fries & Dips is the ‘default’ meal before a movie or after shopping at The Block, SM North or TriNoMa branch because they have ‘Movie Food Bundles’ and  ‘Blockbuster Snacks-To-Go’.

After ordering, you can see them cook your burger or other sandwich items so you know its fresh, handled carefully and served on time!

Aside from their Premiere Fries, they have an array of dips like cheese, garlic-parmesan, pesto, lemon herb, double cheese, double barbecue and pepper steak.

They also have gourmet sandwiches, hotdogs, pasta, pizza, milkshakes and soda floats.

SM City North EDSA Fourth Floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City

Trinoma Mall Fourth Floor, Trinoma Mall, North Triangle, Quezon City


LOVE DESSERTS: Worth every sweet calorie!

A part of LOVE DESSERTS’ buffet spread at their Banawe, Q. C. branch!
Cakes, brownies, macaroons and other pastries at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C. branch!


2469069 ext:178
Banawe › 915 Banawe Corner Roxas Street, Manresa, Quezon City

Aside from their wide array of desserts, their TACOS is consistently delicious! I usually have this before the actual desserts.
Macaroons, pavlova, different rolls and brownies at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C. branch!
The HALO_HALO station at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C. branch!
The CREPE station at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C. branch!
Sylvannas and the ICE CREAM station at LOVE DESSERTS Banawe, Q. C.!